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Meet the Team


Kaylin Harris - Co-Owner

I have an immense love for every type of animal, but dogs are by far my favorite. I fell in love with animals as a kid, and my first job was at the Greater Birmingham Humane Society where I remained until graduating nursing school 8 years later. My house seemingly never has just "my" animals in it as Lauren and I take in any animal that even remotely looks hungry.  In my free time I enjoy reading, befriending the local wildlife, and referring to HomeGoods and Target as "errands".  


Lauren Startley - Co - Owner

Dogs are seemingly my biggest obsession.  I have loved all animals from childhood but dogs stand out the most.  I have 4 dogs myself with 3 out of the 4 being seniors and one having a complex medical condition.  Opening a doggy daycare/boarding facility has always been a dream but became a reality when I could not find a place that seemed to be a good fit for both my younger dog and my senior with a fragile condition.  I love spending time binge watching a good show, but also enjoy a nice hike outdoors when our lovely Alabama weather permits.  


Jessica Kontos - Assistant Manager

Like most people, my love for animals started as a kid! I worked at the Humane Society for a few years in my early twenties and that's where I met Kaylin and Lauren. In my free time I enjoy being outdoors with my kids and dogs as much as possible, and enjoy any sort of outdoor activity! I am excited to be working in the animal field again, and can't wait to meet everyones fur babies! 

Animal Handlers







Our Story

Co-owners Lauren and Kaylin met as teenagers working at the Greater Birmingham Humane Society in 2012. The duo worked their way through college and left the humane society in 2020 to pursue their new careers as registered nurses. Their love for animals never faded and after struggling to find a boarding facility in their community that they trusted with their elderly and medically complex dogs, they decided to open one themselves! Magnolia Mutts was created with a strong focus on clean, compassionate, and individualized care for each dog. No two dogs are identical and neither are their needs. At Magnolia Mutts you will work directly with staff to ensure that your pup is getting a customized enrichment schedule that includes their home medication regimens, special requirements , and whatever else needed to ensure they get the most out of their stay! 


Our Facility

It's all about the ball pits and bubbles! At Magnolia Mutts we believe that your pups come here for a good time, and that is what we focus on! Magnolia Mutts has both indoor and outdoor play yards, our indoor yards have ample space for your pups to run around and play and every pups favorite - the ball pits! Our HUGE outdoor yard features plenty of obstacles, as many tennis balls as your pups heart could imagine - and bubble machines! Facility photos coming soon!

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